ILLAPLAST is a company founded in 2007 and has covered extensive areas of insulation products. Our offer is a wide range of polyethylene products, insulation and sturdy products. ILLA-PLAST, which is constantly evolving dynamically, helps its customers to survive the most ambitious projects.Today, we can meet the needs of builders for high quality polyethylene foam insulation materials.

Today ILLAPLAST product is used for:

  • Walls, ceilings, roofs, basins, corridors and basements
  • Insulation of pipelines and fittings in water supply and heating systems
  • Isolation of technological equipment
  • Sound insulation between floors and walls
  • For the production of consumer goods


The newly built ILLATEX plant in Azerbaijan is the only non-alternative technical textile manufacturer. Our products are manufactured with high German technology and are in line with world standards. İLLATEX facilitates the work of entrepreneurs working in the furniture sector in Azerbaijan and fully meets their requirements.

Today ILLATEX product is used for:

  • Spring mattress and sofa production
  • In interior insulation of the car
  • The insulation layer between the concrete and the carpet on the floor
  • Vertical applications such as tunnel and retaining wall
  • Perforated pipe coverings
  • For filtering
  • Drainage channel
  • Green-roof drainage
  • Seaside buildings
  • For Separation